"Dona Palace" 5th block of Ortachala is under construction!

19 June 2018
"Dona Palace" 5th block of Ortachala is under construction!
"Dona Palace" 5th block of Ortachala is under construction!
Construction will be completed in December 2018.
Valid for 5 years domestic installment.
Internal installment of 0% was in effect before construction was completed. Annual installment discount is 5% to 6%!
In case of cash advance payment, commission is 0% !!!
Construction is carried out with high quality materials. The building is 17 storey. Monolithic reinforced concrete works, exterior walls as well as flat walls and partitions are completed. Communications are being delivered, installed. Exterior facade is being plastered, as well as installation of Italian-made glass panel on the facade of the building, installation of metal plastic door window. Works are carried out by highly qualified specialists!
Enjoy the beautiful views of Tbilisi! All over Tbilisi, in front of you!
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- Cozy and healthy environment!
- 5 year domestic installment! 0% down payment until construction is completed.
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