The construction of “Dona Palace Saburtalo”’s first block is ongoing!

03 October 2019
Live in the world created for you! 

Why should you buy a flat in “Dona Palace Saburtalo”?
-Quick construction deadlines. 

-Environmentally friendly location 

-The yard is finished

-Adapted environment.

- Energy efficient building.

-The outer walls (facade) are heated by German-made stone.

-We offer you a five year in house installment, or simplified banking, on exclusive terms!

You can see Dona Group’s projects on our website:

☎️ 2 32 00 99 ☎️ 595 54 40 40 ☎️ 577 05 72 75

The project will be finished on December 31 in 2020. The building will consist of 22 floors. 18 floors are built. Apartments are white framed + communications.
Minimum apartment space is 49.70 m2.

Reliability and quality are our top priorities!