There is little time left before the end of "Dona Palace Saburtalo"! The project will be completed by the end of December 2020!

28 September 2020
Dona Palace Saburtalo "is under construction in a continuous mode! 
The project will end on December 31, 2020! 
  • Reinforced concrete works have been completed.
  • All four elevators are installed.
  • Insertion of plastic doors and windows is completed.
  • 80 In 80% of the apartments, the walls are plastered with plaster.
  • Electrical wiring is completed in 90% of the apartments.
  • 40 40% of the apartments have finished flooring.
  • Facade finishing / painting works are underway.
  •  Entrance cladding / painting works are underway.
  •  Basalt slab cladding of stairs is completed.
  • The arrangement of metal railings in the stairwells is completed.
The apartments are finished with white frame condition + communications.
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